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Small Closet Space that Works For You!

Most homes come with many small, reach in closets that are not always easy to organize. Many times we end up stashing away as much as we can fit into a small closet, with no organization system whatsoever! You will never have to worry about a closet avalanche falling onto your head ever again when opening the winter coat closet door. Our reach-in closet accessories make it easy to turn your small closet space into big storage space solution.

Getting Creative With Your Reach-In is Easy with Northland’s Custom Closet Designs!

We will design, install and deck out your small closets with the best in organization accessories. Our small closet designs incorporate hanging rods on side walls, slide-out baskets, bins, hooks, closet drawers, custom shelves and overhead storage options to give you the maximum space possible.  You can make a big difference in tight storage places, just by adding an adjustable shelf or fit-to-perfection wood finished cabinet.

Don’t let your small closet space get the best of you. We can build the perfect custom reach-in closet for you, so you have all the room you need to store whatever you please!

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