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Flat Panel Small Closet with Secret FinishRaised Panel Walk in Closet with White FinishFlat Panel Small Closet with Chocolate Pear FinishCustom Walk In Closet with Arctic FinishCustom Walk In Closet with Chocolate Pear Finish

Custom Closet Finishes to Match Your Style

Our team of designers at Northland understand that each home has an individual style and that no closet is made the same. Closets vary from small to large and sometime they are even an odd shape. We pride ourselves on finding the perfect fit cabinets, shelves and drawers for your closet so you can have a great organization system that matches your style.

Our closet finishes come in unique and versatile styles, so you can choose the finish that best matches they style of the rest of your home. We help you transform your average closet into a fabulous storage space that is cohesive with the rest of your home's look and style. 

Modern Custom Closet Style Option


Our premiere modern finished cabinets and drawers for your custom closet in candlelight are the perfect selection for you if you love sensible and classic design with modern elements.

Pillow Top Custom Closet Style Option

Pillow Top

Pillowtop cabinet finishes are smooth and gorgeous with sleek modern drawer pulls for a stylish closet organization system.

Raised Panel Custom Closet Style Option

Raised Panel

The classic and elegant look of raised panel finishes for your custom closet offer a unique look that blends seamlessly with the style throughout your home.

Shaker Custom Closet Style Option


This style is inspired by 18th century carpentry that was known for exquisite craftsmanship, Shaker draw fronts will harmonize with traditional or contemporary interior design.

Flat Panel Custom Closet Style Option

Flat Panel

Flat Panel fronts have simple styling and clean edges that will give your custom closet a modern and elegant visage.





A Cabinet Choice for Every Closet

Whether you choose to go with an antique shabby chic look with our premier finishes or try a modern style with a pillowtop finish; Northland Custom Closets and Garage has the components to build your perfect custom closet that fits your personal style.

For an inside look into all our finishes in 3D, call us now for you free design consultation!